About Us

Hawaii Hemp Collective is a group of health-oriented individuals with the goal of bringing all non-traditional medicine to the masses.  We are proud to establish our presence as Hawaii’s #1 CBD source.   CBD is set to topple big pharma in most applications, and our collective is poised to ensure that our customers will always have a way to obtain this medicine.  As a collective we have hemp being grown in Hawaii, but as we all know the demand far outstrips the supply we can obtain.  For this matter we import strictly US Based Hemp, and can ascertain our claim of MADE IN THE USA.  Working closely with other US based collectives from Colorado, Oregon, and Kentucky, we have the ability to keep you, our customer, with the ability to obtain the medicine that you need.  

The most important topic to bring up is.  Fake CBD.  Nobody likes purchasing fake products.  We want medicine!!  not Fake CBD!  How can you differentiate between fake cbd and real cbd?  The most reliable way is clearly the lab results.  The best cbd brands all get their products lab tested to verify to the customer that their CBD they are selling you is real.  Just a quick hint…you will find no lab results for any cbd products sold on Amazon.  At Hawaii Hemp Collective we provide lab results (COA’s) for every product sold.  See exactly how much CBD you are getting per product you are interested in buying, just check our lab results.  Simple and easy.  That’s just the way we like it.  

We LOVE Hawaii!!  Hawaii is our home!  Hawaii Hemp Collective is based in Hawaii.  Our residents are our most important customers so we offer $5 shipping for all Hawaii Residents.  All other 49 states well…its a flat rate $15 to ship.  We also giveaway free bud every month for strictly Hawaii residents.  Free CBD bud to be won…and to be tried.  Just a few kickbacks to our fellow residents of Hawaii.  Give Hawaii Hemp Collective a try, you will not be disappointed.  Aloha!